December 19, 2005

Saint Martin's Table

Cool on the Hill (a blog I found on MNSpeak that I've been reading for St. Paul Hip-ness tips) reminded me about St Martin's Table. It's on the West Bank, right by my office (and the North Country Co-op), but I haven't eaten there in at least a year and a half. I keep meaning to go back. Apparently it's still delicious (and has been since the 80's). Hearty vegetarian cuisine, and the volunteer servers donate 85% of their tips to the monthly cause (this month is ORMEDA, the Oromo Relief Medical Educational Development Association). Worth a trip if you haven't been there. Mmmmm...what I wouldn't do for a bowl of piping hot homemade soup on a cold day like today...
You can call Mysti Murphy at (612) 339-3920 if you want to volunteer to serve over a lunch hour. I am going to do this on Monday the 26th if people are still needed or maybe a Saturday some weekend instead. Anyone up for joining me, zip me an email!