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We have arrived

Look out Austin we arrived last night. Evidently there were a lot of persons coming down here from Minnesota – they were looking for 10 volunteers to take a later flight at that arrived in Austin at midnight. We skipped that opportunity and arrived around 5pm last night. The strange thing was that as we were waiting to board, they kept saying that the plane was too heavy and that was on reason whey they needed so many persons to change their flight. Strange – what the heck was in the cargo area?

We picked up or registration materials last night and both of use are really excited to get started with the conference. Kim's room overlooks the famous Congress Street Bridge where a huge bat colony lives. I guess most of the bats are still in Mexico for the winter but should be coming back any day.

It is also warm, humid, and you can smell flowers in the air. It is absolutely wonderful! No skin lotion for us this week! I guess it is uncommonly warm down here right now. Check it out:

We are on our way to Las Manitas for breakfast and then on to the conference.