2010 Minnesota Recount Shaping Up Differently from 2008

The state of Minnesota learned lessons in the prolonged senatorial recount of 2008 that it is using to make the 2010 governor's recount go more smoothly.

According to KSTP, election officials overseeing the 2010 recount, many of whom also handled matters in 2008, will have a much easier time now due to new election laws and the larger lead currently held by Democrat Mark Dayton over Republican Tom Emmer.

Dayton holds an 8,755-vote lead before the recount, which is scheduled to begin in earnest November 23.

Emmer, according to the Star Tribune, claims that the recount is not meant to delay a Democrat taking the highest office in Minnesota, a position that grants veto power to slow the agenda of new Republican majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate.

"Anybody who would talk now about just using the process for delay or some other, I think that's entirely improper, and I wouldn't be part of it," Emmer said.

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