Icy Roads Proving to Be Dangerous for Minnesotans

Cars stalled on roadsides and in ditches were a common sight on Minnesota roadways Saturday night after freezing rain coated roads with an icy glaze.

The Star Tribune reports that 438 crashes were documented in Minnesota since early Saturday evening, including approximately 75 involving injuries.

"Overnight was one for the ages as far as road conditions and number of calls for service," said State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske, who went on to state that the Twin Cities metro area dispatch received 900 calls for service over a four hour period.

One of the iciest stretches of road in Minnesota was at Highway 7 and County Road 44 in the west metro, where at least 40 cars went off the road at a large curve, according to the Star Tribune.

Over the course of the evening of accidents, the State Patrol reported one fatality near Litchfield, where a passenger was ejected from a car after being struck by another car.

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