African Immigrants Brawl in Moorhead

A fight broke out early Sunday in a Moorhead parking lot between immigrants from Sudan and Liberia, drawing an estimated of crowd of 100 people.

According to KARE, Moorhead police had to break up the fight that involved a knife, a shovel, a firearm, and a taser shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Police reported that three men sustained injuries in the fight, although none are life-threatening.

The Star Tribune confirmed that the fight was between young men from the war-torn African nations of Sudan and Liberia, marking the most recent event in a history of racial tensions in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Community leaders expressed worry that the actions of these young men might lead to injuries among the older population.

"Our concern is what is happening is not in the interest of both communities," said Gibson Jerue, a Liberian community leader from Fargo.

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