Arenas the Latest Athlete with Shot at Redemption

Gilbert Arenas, the NBA player who was suspended for most of last season for bringing a handgun into the Washington Wizards' locker room, was traded to the Orlando Magic, providing the troubled star with a fresh start.

According to ESPN, Arenas, a former all-star, had worn out his welcome with the Washington front office with his controversial behavior, but Orlando welcomed him with open arms, making him the most recent athlete to aim for redemption with a new team after outside struggles.

In the most prevalent example of athletic redemption in recent memory, Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback who spent 19 months in prison for organizing a dogfighting ring, has played brilliantly this season to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the verge of a division title.

Vick's journey was detailed in a recent Sports Illustrated cover story.

Whether Arenas will be able to revive his career in a similar manner has yet to be determined, but by taking chances on troubled athletes like Arenas and Vick, teams are proving that, in professional sports, talent trumps trouble nearly every time.

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