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As we grow up, we look at our parents and think," God, I hope I don't turn into my mom/dad." But what ends up happening in most cases, we do turn out just like them. This "phenomenon" refers back to the idea of nature vs. nurture. According to the Lilienfeld text, (Lilienfeld 115). 60 percent of our traits are from our genes, and 40 percent is due to our environment. But how do we determine which traits are from our genes or environment?

Modern Family is my favorite television show. It is about three families, who are all related in some sort of way, and their family dysfunctions. In this particular episode, it is filled with possible traits that have been passed from parents, to their kids. One example is Claire, her brother Mitch, and her father Jay, went out of their way to prove that they were right in a certain situation. Since Mitch and Claire are Jay's biological children, we can have an argument whether this was genetic or environment.
Two examples of when traits were clearly due to environment was 1) when Manny "stole" the girl's necklace. Though his mother raised him to be smart and polite, etc. He grew up (at first) in a very poor neighborhood in the cities. He could have picked up the idea of stealing. And the second example of when the environment developed the trait, was Lily and her sharing problem. She was adopted by Cam and Mitch, and had developed a bit of a sharing problem. Which her preschool teacher had mentioned most kids get from other kids or their parents.
Each of these traits could have developed due to genetics or environment. But how are we truly able to tell which it is? Which is why i believe the discussion of nature vs. nurture isn't a "big" topic in the psychological community.

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