December 15, 2006

Steven Holl

Architect Steven Holl is one of the great designers today. I have studied some of his buildings and I think that he is one of my favorite architects. His design of the addition to Rapson Hall is an inspirational building to study in. The space created is in opposition to the old building and represents that in plan. Also the use of light makes the building look much bigger from the inside than it actually is. In eliminating the corners by putting windows in their place the space is filled with light and therefore stays bright and appears bigger. The use of light is also beautiful from outside. At night the building has a glow that really sets it apart from its surroundings. The building really expresses itself best at night.



December 14, 2006


With new technology also comes new worry. Just because something is new does not always meen that it is better. New technology can do good but with the good also come the bad. with all of these great new TV's, cars, and buildings that we are creating we are also using up valuable natural resources.



Technology is not always a bad thing though. Within the medical field we need a level of advancement in medacine to keep our bodies healthy and fight disease.



Without these new technologies in medacine we would still have diseases like small pox and getting even a common cold could be serious.

I think that technology in architecture should move toward sustainability. This is a form of technology that could use more improvement. Ideas of sustainability such as solar panels, wind power energy, and natural sources of heat and light should be applied to every new building to ensure a beautiful earth for the generations that follow.





Mathematics in architecture can easily be seen through symmetry. Lines of symmetry exist in architecture as order. Symmetry makes a building aesthetically pleasing and follows geometries. Lines of symmetry revolve around an axis. In math symmetry is shown based on the reflection over the x or y-axis. A well-designed plan can be divided vertically or horizontally and have the same reflection. This design is popular in historical buildings from the gothic and renaissance.

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Oppositions and Resolutions

Oppositions and Resolutions: The Automobile

The automobile is a part of our environment and is depended on by many. I see this as a design issue because so much of our culture is shaped on cars. Distances between places, quality of roads, noises from traffic; these are all design issue that is the result of the automobile. Most of the people I know own at least one car and a lot of my friends have to commute more than 10 miles to go to work or school everyday. I myself will have to drive up to 120 miles in one day for work. I am in opposition of the automobile because it is producing way too much pollution in our environment, putting a hole in our ozone layer, and making people more and more lazy. An example of this an drive is my roommate asked me one day if he could borrow my car to run to the store 3 blocks away. I denied this request but his reasoning was, "why walk there if I can drive." I was really mad when he said this because I make every effort I can to walk or bike to get somewhere. When I do drive it is usually just to go to work 40 miles away at my parents shop. Such a dependency is putting a great amount of pollution into our precious environment. My solution to this is to reduce the amount of cars on the road as well as our dependency on them. This can be achieved by extending the light rail into the U area. This will better connect the U to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul so more students who commute will be able to jump on the light rail to work or school. Also, we could reduce pollution by converting our cars to electric power. This was popular with many high schools in the early 90's to convert Volkswagen rabbits into electric power. If major car companies were pressured to build electric cars we would greatly reduce the amount of pollution in the air.

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October 25, 2006


When i thought of a problem in architecture I came back to the Guthrie Theatre. The first time I saw the building I was amazed at the cantilevered bridge extended towards the river. I had come upon this by accident. I was driving around on west river road looking for skate spots and when i saw the extended bridge I stoped in the middle of the road and got out of my car to look at it. I was so amazed at the length the bridge that I fell in love with the building immedietly. Looking it to this more I found out on the Guthries website that this is one of the longest cantilevered structures in the world. This is were the problem comes in. This building has to be able to support the 178 foot long 30 foot wide "Endless Bridge" and allow visiters to walk around and explore it. I don't know how they were able to support this without the bridge separating from the building but the engineers pulled it off and it creates a amazingly beautiful structure.

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October 17, 2006

Architect for a day

I am Polykleitos, architect from Ancient Greece. As i walk around Minneapolis i notice these strange buildings around me. There seems to be an enfactuation with very tall structures made of a material that is new to me. I do not understand how the architect can span such a large area with glass. While walking around i was drawn to one building in particular. The Guthrie building which i am told is your theatre was interesting to me because i myself have designed a theatre. I feel my design is of a much better design as i have created my building from concrete and this seems to be of thin crude sheets. I do not understand the us of blue as well, the building looks like it belongs underwater. I feel as though my corithean design is much stronger.

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October 9, 2006


With Halloween coming up I though that i would take a look at the phenomena behind this holiday. Halloween is my birthday so that is one reason that I am affected by this therefor the clockwork of the holiday means i am another year older and it means the celebration that is Halloween. When i was younger this meant going on hay rides and helping my mom set up the haunted house at my elementry school. The most important thing all month was picking out a costume to go trick-or-treating. I always wanted to have the scariest costume so i could run around and scare all the little kids in my neighborhood. As i got older the tradition of trick-or-treating slowly faded away but the other aspects stayed the same. My family and I still celebrated Halloween by decorating our house and giving out candy but we would have halloween parties instead of going out and getting candy. At our Halloween parties we would make a graveyard with tombstones next to the haunted house. Inside the haunted house would be someone dressed up as dracula and get out of a coffin to chase people out. To me these are what made up the framework of Halloween. Without having a party with ghouls and warewolfs and a haunted house Halloween would not be the same. It takes all of these individual things acting together to create the Phenomena of Halloween.

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October 2, 2006

Meaningful Place

A meaningful place to me is the Government building in downtown Minneapolis. This is a place where I can go with my friends or just by myself and ride my skateboard and have fun. It is funny that I see this place as my meaningful place because everytime i have gone inside the building i have had a horrible time. The only reason that I have been inside the building is to pay a fine or go to court so it is not a very pleasent place to be. Outside of the building is where I go to skateboard and forget about anything thats bothering me. My friends and I call this spot the Rainbow Banks because the banks that run along the walkways that we skate are shaped like a rainbow. There is red brick for all of the sidewalks that is really smooth to skate and the banks are set at an angle that allows for us to skate them and grind the top. I like going to this place because there aren't that many people around after 5:00 so no one is getting in the way or hassling you. The landscaping here is mostly trees, grass, and shrubs and looks a lot like a park. I come to this spot about once a week and listen to my ipod and ride my skateboard and forget about anything that is bothering me.

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September 25, 2006

Social Design

When thinking of what to do for social design i thought of a restaurant called "The Wienery." I thought of this because it is a restaurant that creates its own society. I have been eating at the wienery on and off for about two years now and it is easy to see that the restaurant has its own society. I say this because when you go there it is similar to seeing an old friend. Then restaurant stays the same but you always see friends new and old. Also, almost every time i go to the wienery i bring someone who has never eaten there. Unknowingly i have been an advocate for this restaurant ever since i first ate there and all i can say to someone who has never been there is "just go and try it, you'll love it."

September 17, 2006

Midtown Market

I pull up to the Midtown Market around 4:00 pm on Saturday. I had never been there before so i was curious to see what was inside. As I entered the building I noticed that energy was every where. There were vendors selling rings and necklaces, food and drinks, it was like being in a market in the streets in Europe but it was all indoors. The Market being on Lake street also adds to the energy of the building since it is such a busy street. The building is very easy to notice because of its size and it seems to dominate the neighborhood. Inside I could smell all different kinds of food and i immedietly became hungry. I decided to get some tacos and explore. It was easy to see the energy being exchanged between vendors and customers. Around every corner was a new stand with something for sale from a different part of the world. It showed the creativity of all different cultures and the energy used in the making of the things they had for sale. Experiencing this place was a lot of fun and I plan on making it a weekly experience.