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Midtown Market

I pull up to the Midtown Market around 4:00 pm on Saturday. I had never been there before so i was curious to see what was inside. As I entered the building I noticed that energy was every where. There were vendors selling rings and necklaces, food and drinks, it was like being in a market in the streets in Europe but it was all indoors. The Market being on Lake street also adds to the energy of the building since it is such a busy street. The building is very easy to notice because of its size and it seems to dominate the neighborhood. Inside I could smell all different kinds of food and i immedietly became hungry. I decided to get some tacos and explore. It was easy to see the energy being exchanged between vendors and customers. Around every corner was a new stand with something for sale from a different part of the world. It showed the creativity of all different cultures and the energy used in the making of the things they had for sale. Experiencing this place was a lot of fun and I plan on making it a weekly experience.