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Meaningful Place

A meaningful place to me is the Government building in downtown Minneapolis. This is a place where I can go with my friends or just by myself and ride my skateboard and have fun. It is funny that I see this place as my meaningful place because everytime i have gone inside the building i have had a horrible time. The only reason that I have been inside the building is to pay a fine or go to court so it is not a very pleasent place to be. Outside of the building is where I go to skateboard and forget about anything thats bothering me. My friends and I call this spot the Rainbow Banks because the banks that run along the walkways that we skate are shaped like a rainbow. There is red brick for all of the sidewalks that is really smooth to skate and the banks are set at an angle that allows for us to skate them and grind the top. I like going to this place because there aren't that many people around after 5:00 so no one is getting in the way or hassling you. The landscaping here is mostly trees, grass, and shrubs and looks a lot like a park. I come to this spot about once a week and listen to my ipod and ride my skateboard and forget about anything that is bothering me.