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Framework, Clockwork, and Phenomenon of a Relationship


I decided to analyze not a material thing, but more of a societal thing. It is a thing society has sort of created, itis a relationship. Relationships may not be a physical thing but they are indeed a thing. In this case I will analyze me and my girlfriend Kaitlyn.

-Beauty - Both Inside and Out

-No matter what happens we always come back to that original set above.
-With time the relationship building on the set above. It gets stronger.
-It is always there to rely on, but you must pay attention to it. Just like time.

A relationships phenomena is somewhat complex. There is really no simple answer as to what a relationships phenomena is. I guess what comes to mind is just what people may see when they see our relationship. Because of all of the frameworks and clockworks of our relationship I would imagine people see a happy couple. I also would hope that what is apparent about our relationship is that we have been together for a while. I also have to assume that part of this phenomena is what people see at first glance, and I assume many would immediately see just a young puppy love relationship. This however is not the case with us. This assumption tells me that maybe the phenomena is not really all that apparent. It also tells me that because phenomena is a object of perception, it is not exact at all. Basically, the phenomena of our relationship, of anything is defined individually by each person.