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It's Puzzle Week! And Starting Off is Sudoku!

I am a big fan of puzzles. I love giving my brain a good workout. If you are ever in the mood to do so too, just grab any of the puzzles I will be presenting this week and give them a try. I have selected my seven favorite puzzles which don't require a computer to play (although they should all be available on computer anyway).

I'll start with the very popular Sudoku. Although sometimes regarded to as a math puzzle, Sudoku is actually a logic puzzle. You could actually play Sudoku with any other set of symbols or even colors. Of course, numbers make it easier to solve since they can be easily verified by counting them. The object of the game is simple. Every row, every column, and every 3X3 grid must contain the numbers from 1 through 9 (without repeating!). Here is a sample unsolved grid:


Sudoku really helps with visualization. After some time of solving Sudoku puzzles, you will be able to cross out rows and columns by just looking briefly at the grid. The harder ones require you to cross out many rows at once and the evil ones are basically impossible to do without writing in all the possibilities for each cell. I personally prefer to solve Sudoku puzzles on paper, since I can handle the subscripts with much more ease.

Sudoku puzzles are a great place to start if you're interested in puzzles. They may get repetitive after a while, but even then, there are dozens of variants (like Jigsaw Sudokus and 16X16 Sudokus) to keep you busy.


I'm so addicted to sudoku have to play them everyday and drink some coffee

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Hi again,
forgot to add a Link to Gemsweeper,here it is: http://www.lobstersoft.com

I found another cool site with nonograms http://www.nonogram-puzzles.com