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Puzzle Week, Day 4: Hanjie

Also known as Nonograms, Hanjie is a picture and number puzzle. The object is to fill in the cells in a grid to form a picture. To know which cells to fill in, you are given a set of numbers for each row and column that let you know how many consecutive cells are filled and in what order. For example, a "10 3" would mean that you have ten consecutive cells followed by an arbitrary numbers of empty cells and again followed by three consecutive filled cells. An example of a puzzle being solved (taken from Wikipedia) is shown below:


Although the more advanced Hanjie puzzles may still not be as challenging as advanced Sudoku puzzles, they are yet another good way to work on recognizing patterns. There is also some simple math (mostly counting) involved. I find Hanjie puzzles to be good for when I don't want to strain my mind as much but still want to work on puzzles. A good book to start out with if you are interested in Hanjie puzzles is "The Essential Book of Hanjie and How to Solve It", by Gareth Moore. Also, if you have a Nintendo DS, you might want to check out Picross, which is yet another name for Hanjie puzzles.


Picross!!! I love Picross!!!