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Puzzle Week, Day 6: Crossword Puzzles


In my opinion, crossword puzzles are the most challenging puzzles of all. No amount of logic alone will get you through them. My wife and I started trying to solve crossword puzzles together about two months ago, mainly as a way to work on our English. The newspaper crossword puzzles proved to be too difficult for us, so we ended up buying a book of "over-easy" crossword puzzles. We still have trouble solving them, but once in a while we manage a perfect solution.

The compelling aspect of crossword puzzles is their need for mastery of the language and knowledge of the world. You can really learn a lot by solving (or trying to solve) crossword puzzles. You get to work on your geography, trivia, and language, all while having fun. Of course, if you start with newspaper puzzles, you will definitely feel overwhelmed.

I actually tried to work on one in my native language (Spanish), but did even worse. I think I'll stick with over-easy English crossword puzzles for now.


I am totally addicted to crossword puzzles.
After work i take the time to search the internet for printable puzzles and puzzle all the wayyyy