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Cyclopath: A Geowiki for Bikes


Last month I started working on a very interesting project as part of my transition to a new lab. This project, led by graduate student Reid Priedhorsky, is basically a geowiki for bikes called Cyclopath. What does it mean by geowiki? Well, think Wikipedia. Any user can edit wikipedia. That's what wikis are all about. Now, a geowiki is the same concept, but in a geographical setting. In our case, we have a map of the Twin Cities (MN) focused on bikes. And any user can edit it. That means users can change routes, comment on them, view older revisions, and much more. Furthermore, users of our geowiki can rate streets and search for routes based on distance or bikeability. It is a really cool project, which will be going into beta in August. If you want to sign up to be an alpha tester or just want to be notified when the site goes live, go to www.cyclopath.org. Also be sure to check out these two articles that appeared in local press last Saturday:
Star Tribune Cyclopath Article
Pioneer Press Cyclopath Article


Interesting project. I had read the articles but hadn't checked out the page yet. It makes me feel proud to see you working in something like this (and to see your name on the bottom of the page). Keep us posted on Cyclopath's progress!