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A themed week is coming up soon. I'm preparing some cool content for it, so it has taken me more time than I thought. Meanwhile, I'll give those who are behind in internet culture a little overview of what lolcats are. Why? Well, although they are sort of lame, if you want to become internet-culturally-savvy you have to learn what they are. And after you see them a few times, you'll find out that they're actually somewhat fun to joke around with.

So, what exactly are lolcats? They usually consist of a picture of a cat with a caption on it. The caption is written in a form of broken English, commonly known as lolspeak. You probably see the pattern here. Both words have the word LOL in them, which is a commonly used "lolspeak" word. The site credited with making lolcats into an internet-wide sensation is I Can Has Cheezburger. Below is the first image in their blog:


Nowadays, lolcats and lolspeak can be found in a whole lot of places. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Some lolcat fans painted a mural of a very popular lolcat that has the caption "Invisible Bike". Follow this link to see the mural and the original picture.

If you want to learn how to speak lolspeak, check out The Definitive Lolcats Glossary.

The Googlified Blog made their own lolcat version of the Google main page. Check it out here.

For programmers, there is LOLCODE, a programming language written entirely in lolspeak.

There is an ongoing project to translate the Bible into lolspeak. Check out the lolcat Bible, now with lolhymns!

Even web comic artists are joining in on the phenomenon. Check out Scott Kurtz's Lolbat.

As you can see, this lolcat thing is actually pretty big. I guess I'll have to enroll in Lolcat as a Second Language classes to stay with the times.



I so love IcanHasCheeseBurger ..

The creativity + humor combined is awesome... :D

Being someone quite disconnected from internet culture, I had never even heard of lolcats before. After reading this post and checking out the links and reading some of the information they have on lolcats and lolspeak, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing like the internet for harnessing the power of collective stupidity.

Yes, that is the power of the internet! Stupidity can now go further than ever before!