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A New Puzzle For This Semester: Hidato!

I am fond of puzzles. I enjoy having something fun and entertaining to do during boring clas... during my free time. I even had a week about some of my favorites here in this blog.

So, as a puzzle enthusiast, it is my duty to let all of you know when I discover a new puzzle to waste my neurons on. Here is my short review of Hidato (based on the puzzle book I own, by Dr. Gyora Benedek):

Complete the sequence of numbers, which must be adjacent either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Difficulty: C
The puzzles don't really seem to get much harder as you progress in difficulty. And there is a small number of tactics to learn (as opposed to Sudoku and Kakuro, which have tons of tactics). The puzzles remain somewhat easy and only get bigger as the "difficulty" goes up.
Entertainment Value: B
It's fun to follow the sequence around.
Benefit: C
If you're learning how to count from one to one hundred, then this is the puzzle for you. Otherwise, your mind won't really gain much from it.
Replay Value: A
The fact that it doesn't take too much time too solve makes you feel like you need to solve many more to feel satisfied. I usually solve about five in a row.
Fun, but not challenging enough for those who have done a lot of Kakuro and Sudoku.

For more information, check out www.hidato.com.


Hmm, not bad, seems like a nice little puzzle, good for those moments when you want something that will occupy and entertain your mind without straining it too much. I still think Picross (or Hanjie, or paint by numbers, or any of the other names it goes by) is the best. :)

Can anyone find any sites with free puzzles to print?

Nice really looks like a cool puzzle to play with.

You can find printable puzzles if you click my name