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A New Puzzle for the Year?

I am always looking for new puzzles to try out. Last semester I finished a book of Hidato puzzles. This semester I bought a book of Kenken puzzles of which I will write after I have solved a few more of the harder ones.

So far, that book is not so challenging. But a new type of "puzzle" has caught my eye. It's not a traditional puzzle because it is actually a board game. What is interesting about this board game is that they actually sell "puzzle" books with hundreds of game problems to solve.

The game I am talking about is called Go. It is a popular game in Asian countries, although it is played worldwide nowadays. It is also one of the few very popular board games remaining where a computer still can't beat the best human players.

The fact that they sell "puzzle" books about this game made it even more appealing for me. I am currently learning the rules and some simple strategy. My next step will be to buy a Go problem book. I will write more about it as I learn. Maybe I'll even explain some of the rules later on. I can't wait to try some Go puzzles!


Hi Fernando,

Ever tried Slitherlink puzzles ? They are really one of my favorite puzzles, as the can be very difficult. A slitherlink variant called Penrose slitherlink is the best (imho)!

Happy Puzzling

Interesting, is this related to your research at school?

It's not related to my research at all. I simply enjoy all types of puzzles. I'm actually in the middle of a jigsaw puzzle in my dining room too. For my research, check the archives in the Cyclopath category.

Marcel, I'll give that Slitherlink puzzle a try. Looks interesting!

Looking forward to your comments about slitherlink. Another good thing about Slitherlink is the simple rules.

No, is not part of your research, is just part of what a computer sciences graduate student does for a living... a fun and healthy living that is...

Interesting Fernando looking forward to read about these puzzles.