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The Coolest Super Powers

Michael Sherrin wrote a series of posts at his blog, Prodigeek, where he listed what he thinks are the 28 coolest superpowers. I think he got most of the important ones, although I don't completely agree with the rankings. His top three superpowers were:

1) Telekinesis
2) Telepathy
3) Super speed

My top three would have been:

1) Control Machines - I can't help it. I'm a computer scientist. This would make my life way easier.
2) Telepathy - This would provide endless hours of entertainment. (We did agree on this one.)
3) Shapeshift - Excellent way to hide acne.

You can look at the whole list by following these links:

So what are your favorite super powers?


Yeah, telekinesis and telepathy are usually favorites in most people's list. Telekinesis is kind of nice; telepathy I'm not very sure I would want, I don't think I really want to know what people are thinking. The one I would absolutely love to have is Hiro's time travel/teleportation combination. Actually, just time travel would be good enough for me; I could do sooo much with just that one. Although teleportation would have been extremely useful this week...

By the way, whoever wrote that list of super powers you have those links for sounds like a real jerk... and that's just from skimming through the list, I didn't even read the whole thing.

I wouldn't want telekinesis, exactly. I would want to be able to touch somebody, and automatically know everything they know. School would be infinitely easier. Also, it would be awesome if it were selective - I'm sure there are many things I wouldn't want to know. =)

As someone who enjoys anime/manga, I could say I would take it a little more precise...

I'd might as well make a long post on this...

I mean if you watched One Piece, you would understand quite well.

Yet if I wanted to take from that list, my superhuman abilities would require:
1. The elemental ability of water/ice. Well not be entirely that, just control it and sense its concentration. That would mean water could be used in ways I'd would research to show how dangerous and ingenious that would be...

2.Super agility. Well personally I'd prefer swords and this power is the way to go, since you practically need to be like an acrobat to use a sword like a "master".

3. Super speed. I'm a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and I would definitely love to run at supersonic speed, yet it shouldn't be limited to feet alone, think of the sword swings...

4. Regeneration, well healing with water could do that, but some things can't be healed with water alone...

5. Super Intelligence (not in that sense) Well technically, you have to have a good mind with programmed wisdom to be very creative in attacks, to make them fluid movements so enemies can't predict your moves.

Well it was five after all, I don't need strength, speed makes strength, plus water is dangerous enough as it is... What can you come up with?

But what if you only could choose one? Which would it be - speed/agility, regeneration, intelligence, or water?

That's quite tough, but I'll settle for either the water style which is dangerous enough on its own or the super speed.

Both are powerful enough to be on their own.

But that's how I am, I like water, speed, and swords

I would have technopathy or the ability to bend space and time.