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The Easy Wikipedia

I found out this week about a version of Wikipedia called Simple English Wikipedia. It is the same concept as the normal Wikipedia with the exception that articles must be written using shorter sentences and easy words. At first glance, this seems almost childish (and you sometimes feel that way too while reading it). But when you think about it, this is excellent for people who are still learning English.

Go ahead and take a look and post your favorite (or funniest) simple sentences in the comments section. Here are a few of mine:

The people who make shampoo try to make it smell nice.
Quantum mechanics ("QM") is a part of physics. It explains how certain very small things behave.
A lot of people like to pick their nose. Nose-picking is a very common habit.


Here are some of my favorites:

Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro and Nintendo DS are small and have their own screens. They are called handhelds, because they can be taken anywhere.

Beef comes from cows.

Animals often have feet, and there are a lot of different sorts of foot.

Best simple definitions I've seen
1. Anime
2. Pokemon
3. Wii
4. Operating system

Well that's about it when it comes to clear definitions for now, just took me 10 mins to find some good ones. For some reason when i read this, it sounds like a crazy silly voice talking...

They need to add more articles. I want an article for sockets. I would love to see sockets defined in simple English.