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Playing Around with GWT

I just finished working on my second group project for the Developing the Interactive Web course I am taking. This second project had to be done using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

GWT is very different from the first toolkit I used (YUI). YUI was just a collection of code written in Javascript (the programming language used in most web sites to make them interactive on the client side). It can be quite a hassle to work with Javascript, especially because of the difference in how browsers handle it (older Internet Explorers being the biggest pains). That is the reason for creating tools such as YUI to aid the programmer.

Now GWT is not a collection of Javascript. It actually tries to keep the programmer from touching the Javascript. GWT is all Java (a very rich and powerful programming language) and it handles creating the annoying Javascript for you and the communication between the server and the client, which is very useful.

GWT was fun to program in, although it had many inconveniences that I will not get into right now, including complicated setup and Java code that does not translate into Javascript.

As for the project we created, I think I will try to set it up within the next few days so you guys can try it out for yourselves!


Ooooooh, we'll get to try out your project? That's so cool!

Lidia, do you comment in each entry in Fernando's blog?

Lidia siempre y Nando casi siempre. =)