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First Talk at a Conference?

Last Sunday I gave my first unofficial talk at a conference. The APA (American Planning Association) was holding a conference in Minneapolis and they invited the Cyclopath team to give a presentation about our system. The Cyclopath advisor and project leader were both unavailable, so it was up to me and two other members to handle the presentation.

We were not able to rehearse much, but overall I think it went well. It was a different audience from usual, as they were more interested in the applications of a system like ours to planning. Because of this we got many interesting questions, some for which we weren't completely prepared, but all of them good ones.

One good outcome was meeting a planner from Portland, Oregon (probably the top biking city in the US). He was very interested in having a similar application in Portland. He told us of a guy who works with them who got on his bike and rode every road possible in order to provide the data they needed. That is the advantage of a system like ours, where our users do all the work!

I must now focus on my own research so that I can hopefully give a more official talk at a conference next time.


Good going Fernando! Sounds like you're encountering exciting opportunities with your research project.