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Silverlight Project: Success!

I apologize for the lack of posting during the past week. One of the reasons for this has been that I had been working hard on my cool Silverlight class project. I went to sleep at 10am after a whole night of coding and presented the project in class at 4pm. Almost everyone was impressed! I think we really nailed the layout and look and feel of the application.
Silverlight feels a lot like Adobe's Flex, which I use daily for my research project, Cyclopath. Before this project, I just thought that Silverlight was Microsoft's clone of Adobe's Flash. But after using both, I realize that they are quite different to work with. My main complaint about Silverlight is how hard it is to do dynamic styling and theming. It can be powerful, but it is also overly complicated without the assistance of a theme editor or the like. What I liked best was Microsoft's powerful debugging capabilities. It is a joy to be able to explore almost any value or function at any time during debugging.
At the end of the semester I will post screenshots of all our class projects. Meanwhile, I believe I have an appointment with my bed. Good night and thanks for reading!


Congrats on your project! I hope you get a good night's rest. It sounds like this class of yours is hard work but rewarding. It makes me wish I was working with those neat tools and making cool GUIs... my work deals more with the lower level realms of software...