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GroupLens, The Most Awesome CS Lab

Readers of this blog have probably seen me write a lot about Cyclopath and my research. The Cyclopath project is really cool and one which I am proud to be a part of. But the fact is that Cyclopath is just one of the many cool projects that go on in my research lab, GroupLens. We have a great team and excellent advisors. The group does a lot of research on online communities, such as Wikipedia, and recommender systems, such as MovieLens. If you ever want to know more about out research, check out grouplens.org.


Hey you come out in the picture in the Group Lens main page! I think you are the most photogenic guy in the picture (I think I might be biased, though). My God! There is only one girl for 22 guys! You guys need to learn about equal opportunity (jejeje).