Leadership week 5

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Leadership is the function of a leader. Leadership is also the period of time a leader spends.
According to Rath and Conchie (2009), "The most effective leaders know better than to try to be someone they are not" (pp. 79-85). This quote is only a sentence long, however it has a tremendously meaning. Leadership is the capability to conduct people with leaders that know better, rather than faking whom they are.
"What is illegal may or may not be a matter of ethics. What is ethically obligatory may be illegal. What is unethical may be legal. There is no essential connection between ethics and the law" (Paul & Elder, 2006, 13). Leadership also have to do with ethics and the law; however it is extremely important to understand and differentiate the difference of ethics and the law.

Works Cited:
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Not quite there on the format. Make it more explicit.

Section One: Last week's definition

Section two: your new definition

Section three: your analysis of the readings and how they influenced your definition.

Your first sentences don't really make any sense. "Leadership is also the period of time a leader spends" ...?

Grade: 6 out of 10 points
Clarity of the new definition: 1 points out of 2 possible
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 3 points out of 6 possible
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 2 point out of 2 possible

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