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Leadership, leadership is so much more than just leading. It also has to do with understanding and knowing the themes of foster adaptation, embrace disequilibrium, and also generate disequilibrium.
Leadership is the function of a leader. Leadership is also the period of time a leader spends.
According to Rath and Conchie (2009), "The most effective leaders know better than to try to be someone they are not" (pp. 79-85). This quote is only a sentence long, however it has a tremendously meaning. Leadership is the capability to conduct people with leaders that know better, rather than faking whom they are.
"What is illegal may or may not be a matter of ethics. What is ethically obligatory may be illegal. What is unethical may be legal. There is no essential connection between ethics and the law" (Paul & Elder, 2006, 13). Leadership also have to do with ethics and the law; however it is extremely important to understand and differentiate the difference of ethics and the law.
To me personally one of the most important theme is foster adaptation to be included in my personal meaning of leadership.
Foster adaptation refers to what executives are actually facing now these days. From changing in the company's orientation to the executions from executives to excel today's best practices to develop the up comings one.
"What is so precious and central to an organization's identity and capacity that it must be preserved? What, even if valued by many, must be left behind in order to move forward?"(Heifetz, R., Grashow, A., & Linsky, M., 2009, p. 62), These questions should/may arise when for instance a corporation is considering to eliminate practices that might not be very helpful to an environment that is changing, to help distinguish if the eliminated practices would be beneficial to the corporation or if they would not be, as well as overviewing the consequences carefully if it were to happen and if practices were to be preserved.
Overall, foster adaptation encourages the development of adaptation in an environment, by helping people progress the up coming practices that will help the organization to enter an entire new world, even if the people continue to practice the best practices with the end of success. This meaning is integrated in my personal definition of leadership.

Learning about the view of the 7 C's of leadership development for social change from Astin & Astin (1996). Leadership development means to me when all of these values are displayed the individual is able to interact with the group and the community, the group is able to interact with the individual and the community, and the community is able to interact with the individual and the group in a very effective leadership driven manner; by using the 7 C's: Consciousness of Self, congruence, commitment, collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civility, and Citizenship.

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I've got to assume you're not reading this commands at this point, but same advice from the past few weeks holds.

Grade: 6 out of 10 points
Clarity of the new definition: 1 points out of 2 possible
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 4 points out of 6 possible
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 1 point out of 2 possible

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