Week 8: March 8 Change

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Blog #8 (3/8/12)

Last weeks definition:

Leadership is a value based, innate quality found in everyone, but is only brought to its fullest in a few. Those few have the ability to utilize personal strengths in order to pull forth something from another person. They are able to simultaneously be connected and apart from the situation. Leadership is the ability to effectively communicate with another person despite differences in values, communication styles, and goals.

This weeks definition:

Leadership is an innate quality which everyone posses but only a few bring to its fullest potential. It is a value based quality in which people are able to utilize their personal strengths in order to pull forth something from another person. They hold the ability to both see the larger picture as well as the smaller picture in a situation. Having leadership means you are able to effectively communicate with others despite differences in values, communication style, and goals. It is the ability to both recognize as well as overcome these barriers to produce change.


My definition was altered slightly based on this weeks class discussion on barriers to working in groups. In class we discussed several barriers, or obstacles a group may face and then discussed why these challenges arise. Differences in values, goals, communication style, work ethic, ect. Were all discussed. This activity made me realize that these barriers are always going to be there, but the difference between fighting through a project and overcoming is found in effective identification, communication, and leadership from the start. Ways we can overcome these are by establishing form the start that that these barriers exist, and then discussing how we can overcome them. From the reading I learned about change, and how deeply rooted, unconscious thoughts can be a problem when it comes to change. I read about how in order to change, one must identify the true cause of the problem, and work hard and intentionally to change it. As a leader, it is important to know when and how to go about change in a group. Simply telling people they need to change is not effective, and as a leader one must be able to recognize this.


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