Cabdriver killed on Highway 494

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A cabdriver is dead after a multi car crash on Interstate 494 early Monday, according to the Star Tribune.

State Patrol said an unlicensed driver ran out of gas on I-494 and caused a multi car crash involving six other vehicles and a tanker truck, according to the Star Tribune.

"In Bloomington, there is probably a gas station every block or two," State Patrol Eric Roeske said to the Star Tribune.

Nadir Ombabi, 57, was killed in the crash and one other person suffered minor injuries, according to the Star Tribune.

The unlicensed driver is identified as a Minneapolis man named Isidoro Corona, 49, he was driving on a revoked license and has been booked into Hennepin County jail.

Court records show that Corona has over six citations in Minnesota for driving without a valid license since 2005, according to the Star Tribune.

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