Cell phone theft is on the rise

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With the increase of smartphones, cell phone theft is on the rise in major cities, according to USA Today.

In San Francisco, over half of all robberies have been involving smartphones, according USA Today. In Los Angeles, cell phone theft has gone up 27 percent from last year.

"This is the modern-day purse snatching," San Francisco Police Captain Joe Garrity said. "A lot of younger folks seem to put their entire lives on these things that don't come cheap."

In New York, over 40 percent of all robberies involve cell phones, according to USA Today. Cell phone theft is causing consumers a lot of money and it's left police and wireless carriers searching for solutions.

When the Iphone 5 was released, New York police advised people to register the serial numbers on their phones, according USA today. In San Francisco, police have launched a campaign advising the public to be smart with their smartphones.

Officials from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association said carriers are scheduled to launch individual databases that would permanently disable a stolen cell phone, according to USA Today.

A database to track reported stolen phones is scheduled to launch in 2013, according to USA Today.

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