Minneapolis man convicted of aided terroist

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A Minneapolis janitor has been convicted of recruiting young men for a terrorist group in Somalia, according to the Star Tribune.

Mahamaud Said Omar, 46, was found guilty on five counts related to terrorism, according to the Star Tribune. He was involved in recruiting at least 20 men from the Minneapolis area to join Al-Shabab and fight in a holy war in Somalia. He could face the possibility of life in prison.

Police said Omar helped with travel arrangements and provided cash to the men who joined Al-Shabab, according to the Star Tribune. The men did not always return home when they left for Somalia.

Abayte Ahmed's 19-year-old son was killed in Somalia when he joined the Al-Shabab, according to the Star Tribune. He disappeared from home one day and never returned.

"He was my first son," Ahmed said to the Star Tribune. "I don't know this man who brainwashed my son."

Omar's attorney said he lived a simple life and was accidentally caught up in the case against him, according to the Star Tribune. They plan to make an appeal.

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