Opionins in the classroom

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Professors are now allowed to share their views and opinions with their students without being reprimanded for it.

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents policy on academic freedom and responsibility permits professors to talk freely with their students about their views on any topic, like politics and religion, according to the Minnesota Daily. However, the choice is up to each individual professor.

Although, professors are allowed to openly share their opinions, some students find it uncomfortable and unprofessional, according to the Minnesota Daily.

"It's important to keep the classroom neutral," sophomore Collen Fahey said to the Minnesota Daily. "It makes every student feel more comfortable."

Other students say they don't mind if their professors share their opinions, as long as they present it as just their opinion.

"I think that professors should express their political opinions," graduate student Dan Stark said to the Minnesota Daily, "but in the context of 'this is my opinion' and be open to discussion about other opinions.

English professor Marion Damon was not shy about telling her class she was a "third party Massachusetts Democrat," according to the Minnesota Daily.

"It wasn't part of the content of the course on that day," Damon said to the Minnesota Daily. "It really was just playful."

Journalism professor Jerry Broeckert, who is openly Republican, said he uses his personal opinions to "get [students] thinking, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Other professors choose to not bring up their personal views in class, according to the Minnesota Daily.

"The reason I do it, is because a professor is unavoidably kind of an authority role in the class," political sciences professor W. Phillips Shivley said to the Minnesota Daily.

Professors said problems rarely occur when a student disagrees with a professor on a topic.

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