Analysis-Computer Assisted Reporting in story about Amazon's Tax Shield

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It is not clear where the story idea for research in the story done by Reuters on Amazon's tax shield.

It is clear that the reporter did his study. There was not a single data that was attributed to another source. He made sure to gather as much information about Amazon's tax background as possible.

He had extensive interviews with those that were knowledgeable on the subject. The numbers used in the story were made simple, so it's easy for the reader to understand. There weren't clusters of data; the material was spread throughout the story.

Although, hyperlinks were included in the story, it was difficult to understand the information being presented. They didn't enhance the story, if anything; it was confusing if you weren't an expert on the topic.

There were related stories included; again, if you weren't familiar with the topic, it was difficult to get the full story.

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