Mankato coach exonerated

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A Mankato football coach was exonerated Saturday on felony child pornography charges, according to the Star Tribune.

A judge dismissed criminal charges against Todd Hoffner for recording a video of his three young children dancing naked and touching themselves, according to the Star Tribune.

The video was found when Hoffner turned in his cellphone to the school's IT department for technical problems, according to the Star Tribune. Police then searched his home, interview other coaches and talked to his children and no other supporting evidence was found, the Star Tribune wrote.

Hoffner's exoneration was supported by fellow coaches, students and residents of Mankato.

"I think he's been wronged," Mankato resident Tom Cooper said in an interview to the Star Tribune. "The district attorney took it way too far."

Supporters for Hoffner said they believe the video was innocent and the attorney's office overreacted, according to the Star Tribune.

"They screwed up,"John Swenson, a fan of the school's football team, said to the Star Tribune. "I have pictures of my boy when he was young and in the bathtub," he said. "Who doesn't have those? It's so inappropriate what they did to the coach."

Blue Earth County prosecutor Mike Hanson backed the county saying the case was "trying to enforce a statute enacted to protect children," in a written statement obtained by the Star Tribune.

Other residents said the case was provoked by the Sandusky sex-abuse scandal that occurred at Penn State, according to the Star Tribune.

"If we wouldn't have had the Sandusky thing a year ago, I don't think they would have been as quick to judge him and prosecute him," Becky Vosburg said to the Star Tribune.

Although, Hoffner was exonerated, he has been barred from the college pending further investigation, according to the Star Tribune.

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