Sex trafficking in Minneapolis

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Officials are finding measures to combat sex trafficking in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The FBI named Minneapolis as on of 13 cities in the United States to have a large population of child prostitutes, according to the Minnesota Daily, with North Minneapolis being a high-risk area.

Young girls typically get involved with sex trafficking between the ages of 12 to 14, according to the Minnesota Daily. They are often runaways or come from a background of abuse, neglect, and poverty, according to the Minnesota Daily.

"These kinds of factors lead to vulnerability," Lauren Martin, a research associate at the University said in an interview with the Minnesota Daily.

They are easy targets for those who engage in trafficking and can be easily groomed, Martin said in the interview.

Sex trafficking might be a problem in Minnesota, but the state is known for being hands-on when it comes to fighting it, according to the Minnesota Daily. Organizations such as the Northside Women's Space and the Runaway Intervention Project are in place to help the victims of sex trafficking, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Around 75 girls go through these programs each year, Kate Richtman, the juvenile division director for the Ramsey County's Attorney's office said to the Minnesota Daily. She also added that the Runaway Intervention Project provide discrete medical evaluations and therapy for the girls.

"What has been the program's strength is that it's a collaboration with law enforcement," Richtman said in the interview.

She finally added that the program has helped girls get back into school and overcome the trauma of being trafficked.

The University encourages the public to attend a discussion on how to understand and end trafficking at the Humphrey School, according to the Minnesota Daily.

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