South Carolina governor faces ethics violations

            South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford will be charged on 37 counts of ethics violations. As stated in The New York Times, he has been charged for using the state's money to fly first class, in addition to flying the South Carolina's aircraft to attend both personal and political events. This is not the first time Sanford has faced ethics charges. Back in June of 2009, Sanford had also used public resources to set up a private trip to Argentina to visit his mistress.                                The Legislature has already filed an impeachment resolution ahead of time, while the Ethics Commission thoroughly investigate Sanford's financial and travel records. An ethics panel will likely take place sometime next year, and if cases rule against him, Sanford will be facing nearly $74,000 worth in fines.                                                                                                                                    According to NPR Sanford's lawyers claim that the charges were minor, and said that the governor was not likely to face criminal charges. Many are still waiting for more details from the ethics commission about Sanford's allegations. These allegations will determine whether Sanford will be forced out of office in January 2010.  

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