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October 21, 2004

New video cataloging procedure available

The procedure for cataloging videorecordings (videocassettes and DVDs) has been thoroughly revised and expanded. The new version is available here.

Please let Stacie know if you have questions or find an error.

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Special Formats Corner updated

The Special Formats Corner has been updated. I reorganized the links and created some new categories to make it easier to find information on the corner. If you have any comments or suggestions on the page's organization, let me (Stacie) know.

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October 14, 2004

Physical Description for PDFs

There is a discussion on the OLAC list right now about whether and how to provide a physical description (300 field) for PDF files, which are usually e-books. Until the most recent set of updates to AACR2, records for Internet resources could not include a 300 field, but now it's allowed.

If you are cataloging remotely-available PDFs, and you would like to include a 300 field, please do it according to the following example:

300 |a 1 electronic text (ix, 139 p.) : |b PDF file.

I will incorporate this into e-book cataloging procedures when I get around to finishing them.

Questions? Contact Stacie.

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October 13, 2004

September OLAC Newsletter available

This announcement is coming a little bit late, but the September issue of the OLAC Newsletter is now available here. I encourage anyone who works with videos or e-books to take a look at the "Cataloger's Judgment" column, which contains questions and answers about several issues relevant to those formats.

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Watch this space for reports from OLAC conference

As Mary posted on the Music Notes blog, she and I recently returned from the OLAC conference in Montreal. I attended sessions on video cataloging, cataloging cartographic materials on CD-ROM, music scores cataloging, and the metadata scheme used by the National Film Board of Canada. I'll post reports and links to presentation materials soon.

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