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September 28, 2005

Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries

An ACRL task force has just completed a new draft of the Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries.

If you have suggestions or comments on the draft, please send them to the Task Force chair at: William N. Nelson, Augusta State University (

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Everything you need to know about ISBN-13 (and then some)

Although it's aimed primarily at publishers, the Book Industry Study Group's "ISBN-13 For Dummies" pamphlet is a useful thing to know about. The first few pages, describing the ISBN system, and the relationship of ISBNs to EANs, along with the Glossary, offer nice, clear explanations of a lot of confusing concepts.

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January 15, 2005

December 2004 OLAC Newsletter

The December 2004 issue of the OLAC Newsletter is now online. Of special interest from a practical perspective is the Cataloger's Judgment column, which in this issue contains useful information about when an electronic resource should be cataloged using a "computer files" workform (Aleph record type CF), and how and where to record details of sound recording for videos.

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November 29, 2004

13 digit ISBNs

The standard for ISBNs is being extended to 13 digits to enlarge the pool of available ISBN numbers and make them more consistent with other 13-digit commercial numbers such as UPC codes and EAN codes. The change does not become mandatory until January of 2007, but a number of publishers have begun issuing materials which bear a 13-digit ISBN, usually in addition to a 10-digit ISBN. The 13-digit numbers begin with the prefix "978," which implicitly is the prefix for the range that includes all existing ISBNs. Once that range is used up, the prefix "979" will come into use. After that point, 10-digit ISBNs will no longer be unique in principle. The final check digit (a number calculated from the preceding numbers to provide a check on accurate data entry) for 13-digit ISBNs will be based on the 12 rather than the 9 preceding digits, so the two ISBNs for the same item will usually differ in both the presence of the 3-digit prefix and in their final check digits.

In addition to publishers, vendors, and retailers, Library of Congress, OCLC, library system developers, and others are all working to accommodate this change. OCLC and LC have decided to record 13-digit ISBNs provisionally in the 024 field (Other Standard Number) with first indicator 3. Aleph in version 14 and 16 will let us record a 13-digit ISBN in the 020 field (ISBN), though it is not able to verify a 13-digit ISBN and will pop up an error message. After consulation with LEO, the guidelines for dealing with 13-digit ISBNs in MNCAT are:

Leave 13-digit ISBNs in 024 3_ fields on incoming records.
Locally enter 13-digit ISBNs in the 020 field in MNCAT.

In version 16, both the 024 3_ field and the 020 fields will be indexed in the ISBN search index, so they should be accessible with a single search. In version 14, two searches may be needed to find a 13-digit ISBN:

Searching in the Web OPAC

The 024 ISBN numbers must be searched using the "024=" index in Command search. Do not use the ISMN menu choice in the Advanced search to search for ISBNs in 024. The ISMN search listed in Advanced search menus is tied to the "WMN=" index, which includes only true ISMN numbers (024 first indicator 2) and not the 13-digit ISBN numbers. The ISBN Advanced menu choice can be used for 13-digit ISBNs entered in 020 fields. When using an Advanced or Command search for standard numbers always end the search term with a truncation symbol ("?") to ensure that any additional characters in the field (e.g., "(pbk.)") do not cause problems.

Searching in Staff Mode

13-digit ISBNs in 024 fields can be searched using the "Other St Identifiers (024)" search on the Browse or Find search menus, both of which use the "024=" index. Numbers entered in 020 fields can be searched using the ISBN Browse or Find search. When using the Find search for standard numbers always end the search term with a truncation symbol ("?") to ensure that any additional characters in the field (e.g., "(pbk.)") do not cause problems.

If you have questions about how to apply this guideline, please contact Stephen.

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October 21, 2004

Special Formats Corner updated

The Special Formats Corner has been updated. I reorganized the links and created some new categories to make it easier to find information on the corner. If you have any comments or suggestions on the page's organization, let me (Stacie) know.

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October 13, 2004

September OLAC Newsletter available

This announcement is coming a little bit late, but the September issue of the OLAC Newsletter is now available here. I encourage anyone who works with videos or e-books to take a look at the "Cataloger's Judgment" column, which contains questions and answers about several issues relevant to those formats.

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Watch this space for reports from OLAC conference

As Mary posted on the Music Notes blog, she and I recently returned from the OLAC conference in Montreal. I attended sessions on video cataloging, cataloging cartographic materials on CD-ROM, music scores cataloging, and the metadata scheme used by the National Film Board of Canada. I'll post reports and links to presentation materials soon.

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September 13, 2004

Information Format Trends

OCLC has released its 2004 report on Information Format Trends. While this is not a cataloging-specific document, it provides some insights into the "big picture" of how the formats in which content is delivered are changing. From a cataloging perspective, the report is a helpful guide to many types of new web- and Internet-based media formats, describing and defining a lot of things that we will no doubt be called on to catalog sooner or later. It's worth skimming through if you can spare a few minutes.

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July 16, 2004

Updated and expanded accompanying materials procedure

The procedure for books with accompanying CD-ROMs has been updated and expanded to include many other types of accompanying materials, including DVD-ROMs, DVD videos, Audio CDs and cassettes, and maps. You can read the revised procedure on the TS Special Formats Corner here.

Questions? Contact Stacie.

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