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June 1, 2005

What's an orthophotomap, and how do I catalog it?

A cataloger asks this question on AUTOCAT:

I'm cataloging a map from our state Dept. of Transportation that has been released in 2 versions. Both are exactly the same map, except that one has been superimposed on top of an aerial photograph. Both have exactly the same title, size, scale etc. The only difference is that one says "Photograph not to scale" on the bottom and the other doesn't. (If the map is to scale and the photograph matches the map, then why isn't the photograph to scale too?)

Is there a standard terminology among map catalogers for a map superimposed on top of a photograph, and how in the world do I make the distinction between these 2 maps clear in the OPAC?

Here's the response from map cataloging guru Paige Andrew:

Questions? Contact Stacie.

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September 15, 2004

AACR2 Amendments 2004

The JSC website has a list of changes in the 2004 Amendments to AACR2, which have already been incorporated to the version on Cataloger's Desktop. Here's a summary of major rule changes affecting special formats:

Questions or comments? Please contact Stacie.

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July 16, 2004

Sheet map cataloging procedure now available

The new sheet map cataloging procedure has been posted to the Special Formats Corner of the Technical Services web site. You can see it here. If you have any questions, contact Stacie.

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