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August 27, 2004

Wilson microforms with guides

A question came up earlier this week about how to complete holdings records for Wilson microforms with accompanying guides. I thought a little clarification here might be useful, since I won't have time to revise the existing procedure (which has never been Aleph-ized) anytime soon.

As you know if you have cataloged microforms for Wilson, the microfilm reels or microfiche receive an accession-type call number and go to a special location, while the guides are classed in LC and go to Reference. Because two locations and two call numbers are involved, a single holdings record won't do the trick. Here's how to proceed:

If the guide and the microform are cataloged on a single bib record:

For an example of what this looks like, see Aleph bib ID 1955180.

If the guide and the microform are cataloged on separate bib records:

For an example of this, see Aleph bib IDs 1952022 and 4446127.

This is just a rough interim procedure, so if you have questions or suggestions for improving it, please let me (Stacie) know.

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