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September 28, 2007

Updated procedure for NEW LRC videos and DVDs

A more detailed version of this will be posted on the Special Formats corner soon, but in the meantime, here are the new instructions for cataloging, processing, and marking LRC videos and DVDs. Please note that this applies only to newly acquired videos and DVDs for the Learning Resources Center; it does not apply to materials being reclassified or to videos/DVDs for other locations.

Completing the Holdings record
Beginning August 15, 2007, LRC videos will be shelved in open stacks in LC call number order (prior to this date, LRC videos were shelved in closed stacks by accession number). Catalogers should enter an LC call number in the holdings record just as they would for a book. Complete field 852 as follows:

Completing the Item record
Complete specified fields in the item record as follows:

Note: Under some circumstances, the cataloger may need to create additional item records for an entity with multiple pieces. As a general guideline, a single item record is usually sufficient when all of the pieces fit into a single container (plastic videocassette box, vinyl portfolio, etc.) Multiple item records are needed when this is not the case. If in doubt about the number of item records required for a specific item, consult the Special Formats Coordinator.

Placing the Barcode


Marking and Physical Processing
DVDs and VHS cassettes should generally have their containers marked as if they were books. For most single DVDs, the call number label will go in the upper left hand corner of the front cover. For most single VHS cassettes, the call number label will go on the spine.

Single-sided DVDs should receive a round tattletape on their faces. Double-sided DVDs (unusual) should not be tattletaped.

VHS cassettes should be tattletaped only on the boxes. Never apply a tattletape directly to a videocassette. The box should receive a single-sided tattletape inside the spine. The outside of a VHS box should also receive a DO NOT DESENSITIZE warning sticker.

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March 2, 2005

Holdings and Items for AV materials in the LRC

The guidelines for holdings and item records for LRC materials (formerly available only in the Aleph cataloging manual) have now been posted on the Special Formats Corner. Read them here.

Questions? Ask Stacie

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September 15, 2004

AACR2 Amendments 2004

The JSC website has a list of changes in the 2004 Amendments to AACR2, which have already been incorporated to the version on Cataloger's Desktop. Here's a summary of major rule changes affecting special formats:

Questions or comments? Please contact Stacie.

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July 16, 2004

Updated and expanded accompanying materials procedure

The procedure for books with accompanying CD-ROMs has been updated and expanded to include many other types of accompanying materials, including DVD-ROMs, DVD videos, Audio CDs and cassettes, and maps. You can read the revised procedure on the TS Special Formats Corner here.

Questions? Contact Stacie.

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