August 10, 2004

"I get a shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather..."

After a day like today, a complaint about the weather is inevitable. So I apologize, but I simply must. This weather is not right! Today, the Twin Cities set a record low high temperature for August 10: 59 degrees. Summers in Minnesota are so brief; I want the weather to be at least warm (i.e., highs above 70) every day in June, July, and August. Barring that (since early June is often cool and wet), I'd settle for consistent warmth through July and August. Unfortunately, this whole week looks like it will be unseasonably cool and cloudy.

I realize that I sound like just another weather-obsessed Minnesotan, and I'll be the first to admit that there is some truth in that (though my weather obsession long predates my residence in Minnesota). But for better or for worse, I'm one of those people for whom the weather has a profound effect on my mood and general sense of well-being. Silly, I know, but it seems to be hard-wired.

The climate here works well for me, for the most part. There are four distinct seasons. There are reasonable amounts of sun, rain, and snow. Thunderstorms are not too likely to produce tornadoes. But the winters are just a little too long and a little too cold. My ideal climate would have four seasons, but with a shortened winter and a lengthened summer. Yes, I realize I could get that if I lived a few hundred miles south of here, but then the summers become too hot, and the storms too severe.

Anyway, October weather in August does not sit well with me. Let me be clear: I love October weather in October. September and October, in fact, have been my favorite months since childhood, when they signified both the recurrence of cool sunlight and crisper air after the impossibly hot and languid August, and my return to school, which I loved above all things. But September and October can't arrive in proper style unless August prepares us in the right way, and for that to happen, August needs to addle our brains with energy-sapping heat. It can't be 59 degrees and gloomy. I'll wait this week out, but I am not pleased. I'm not pleased at all.

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