November 3, 2004

What helps?

So far, for me, not much -- but look for updates to this post when I come up with more.

  • Schubert's late string quartets, particularly the A minor ("Rosamunde") and D minor ("Death and the Maiden"). Neither is a particularly cheery work, but both are by turns sad, angry, and hopeful -- and always brain-meltingly beautiful.
  • Interesting and unusual recipes (Warning: only for those with strong stomachs. Thanks, Kristi!)
  • News blackout. No web, radio, tv, or newspapers for me today. I need to keep myself sane, not make myself more angry and depressed (hi, Dr Dregs!)
  • Planning a fabulous party for a dear friend and her wonderful fiance (hi, Wendy and David! Aren't you glad you could help dull the pain?)

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