December 22, 2004


So, as of this evening, fall semester finals are over. Since I am a behind-the-scenes librarian type whose work is not much affected by the progress of the academic year and I'm not taking any classes right now, you'd think this wouldn't matter to me. If only it were so. As it happens (and as I've reminded my faithful readers in nearly every post over the past month or so), I've been putting in a lot of time evenings and weekends since I'm among the fortunate group that is preparing documentation and training materials for our major system upgrade, coming January 30. Why does the end of fall semester matter? Because starting tomorrow and continuing right up through MLK Day on January 17th, my fabulous workplace is never open past 6 PM -- and we must be out of the building when it closes.

When classes are in session, the building is typically open until midnight, so it's never a problem during the semester. I fully understand that without students and (most) faculty around, there's no reason to keep library buildings open long hours -- especially in a time of, to embrace the euphemism, "constrained resources." But having the building open only between 8 AM and 6 PM puts a serious cramp in my style when the work I have to do simply can't be accomplished in a 40-hour workweek.

So right now, it appears there is basically no chance that I will have enough hours of access to the system, since I can only use it while I'm at my work computer. I wouldn't have this problem if I had a laptop, but I don't (ironically, I'm on the list for a laptop -- I just won't have it until some time after this round of training is completed).

I may be able to borrow a laptop, and I'll be looking into that option tomorrow. But unless that works out, I don't know what I'll do. Panic ensues.

Thanks for listening.

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