February 24, 2005

Ooh! I want some!

ThinkGeek has all sorts of amusing toys, but I've never been tempted to actually buy anything there until now, when I ran across The Cubes Cubicle Playsets. Although my workplace is nowhere near as repressive as the fictional one of The Cubes, it's still pretty easy to identify.

As long as we're on the subject of cubicles, I'll comment on yesterday's page from my page-a-day calendar, which describes good cubicle etiquette. Most of the advice is common sense (keep your voice down when you're on the phone, avoid strong perfume or cologne), but one of the recommendations caused me some nasty flashbacks to the time I spent in my former cubicle: refrain from backing your chair into the cubicle's common wall. In my previous location, the photocopier (used by everyone working on the first floor of Wilson Library) was located on the other side of one of my cubicle walls. Although I quickly learned to tune it out as a matter of maintaining my sanity and a semblance of productivity, the constant whine of the copier, the slamming of its lid, and the sudden sharp noise of its stapler drove me nuts.

Ah, the small indignities of office life. I'm far better off now in my new location -- still really a cubicle, but a very large one, and without any office appliances on my outside walls. It's amazing how much of difference in one's outlook and attitude having a comfortable, quiet workspace makes.

And if I had a few of The Cubes, I'd have something to play with, too -- my work environment would truly be complete.

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