April 26, 2005

Making a statement, or just posing with a book?

The American Library Association's long-running READ campaign features posters and bookmarks of assorted celebrities posing with their favorite books. These usually barely register with me, but the poster of Christina Ricci, which is currently displayed in Wilson Library's foyer, got my attention. Apparently, The Fountainhead is actually Ricci's favorite book. Seems like an odd choice for a known Hollywood liberal type.

Ricci's poster isn't the only oddball one. How about Weird Al Yankovic, posing not-quite seriously with A Brief History of Time? That's kinda funny, but who even suspected that The Rock could read?

And when's the last time Tim Robbins and Mel Gibson found themselves supporting the same cause -- even one as non-controversial as reading? This almost makes my head explode.

It's nothing short of astonishing that Mel would have anything to do with a commie pinko organization like the ALA, anyway. But then, the book he's reading is 1984. Does that mean something? Creepy.

Posted by at April 26, 2005 9:43 PM