May 7, 2005

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Proof that there's a technological solution to every problem: Teabuddy, the brainchild of a London designer who was fed up with making tea for everyone in his office while no one ever returned the favor. According to this Wired article, Teabuddy tracks the tea drinking preferences and tea making responsibilities of an entire work group, providing in the process "objective, factual proof of who's done what and when." Douglas Adams should have lived to see this. Favorite quotes from the article:

  • "Embedding kettles with wireless base stations to alert thirsty colleagues of imminent boiling was the only sure-fire solution to the chore of planning tea breaks verbally."
  • "Data produced by Teabuddy could prove invaluable in picking out workers ripe for promotion. According to research from the British Tea Council, regular office tea-makers possess "top management skills," are the most enthusiastic employees and are most likely to win the admiration of peers."
  • "Some people are very determined not to make tea." (Can't argue with that, can you?)

This is the kind of thing that makes me realize that maybe it isn't so bad working in an office without a lot of shared amenities. We don't even have a coffeemaker. This has always been one of my minor regrets about my choice not to work in the private sector, especially when I hear from certain friends that their office has recently acquired a fancypants fully automatic espresso machine. But maybe I'm better off as I am, forced to become caffeinated through my own devices. Yes, I'll just keep thinking that...

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