November 1, 2006

Southwest Odyssey

Dr. Dregs and I have just returned from the first "real" vacation we've had in a number of years: we roadtripped from Minneapolis to Phoenix and back, stopping to visit several national parks and passing through many other scenic places along the way. Going back to October 21st, the first day of our trip, I have written about our journey and my impressions of it, including a few of the photos we took. This is an area of the country that neither of us had ever traveled to before, so these are first impressions of places that we feel sure we'd like to return to someday.

My descriptions of most of the sights we saw have ended up relying on the same overused, trite language that is always used to describe this area of the country. But sometimes -- as in the case of the Southwest -- the language is always the same because it fits the area so well. I don't claim to offer anything new or especially insightful here, but I wanted to document our trip both for ourselves and for others who might be interested. With that, I give you the trip:

Day 1: Minneapolis to Southern Nebraska
Day 2: Nebraska to Moab, Utah
Day 3: Arches National Park
Day 4: Canyonlands National Park and Monument Valley
Day 5: Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon
Day 6: Grand Canyon
Day 7-8: Phoenix
Day 9: Phoenix to Santa Fe, New Mexico
Day 10-11: Santa Fe to Minneapolis

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