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Review Questions

Sorry this is so close to the final for those taking it on Monday, but here's a list of questions I prepared similar to the one's I posted for the midterm. This is how I found easiest to prepare for the tests, hopefully someone else can benefit. They mostly focus on items for the short answer questions, but I think knowing the details of the concepts helps in the essay questions. The questions marked (*) are from the Sample Final Questions handed out in lecture, look for the answers there.
Happy studying!

Family, Background and Education

Name two ways in which the family is important for reproducing gender roles and ideologies.*

Describe the “separate spheres� ideology and how it has varied culturally and over time.

How is status attainment affected by race?

Explain how race and class interact within the education system and how this directly impacts status attainment.

Work and the Economy

Describe what is meant by the “dual economy�. How did the labor-capital accord operate differently in each sector?

Name at least two of the strategies corporations have used to maintain profits in the face of failed competition.*

According to Rubin, what are the main differences between the “old� industrial economy and the “new� service economy?*

Describe the labor markets of the old economy.

Describe the labor markets of the new economy.

What are internal labor markets?*

Describe each of the factors influencing employment outcomes for inner-city people of color.

What are the various programs companies have instated to reduce inequality? Which have proven to be most effective?

Compare and contrast individualistic and structural explanations for gender inequality in employment outcomes. Name at least two explanations of each type (2 individualistic and 2 structuralist explanations). Which is most convincing? Why?*

Differentiate between Affirmative Action policies and Anti-Discrimination laws.

Identify 3 criticisms of Affirmative Action policy and their counter arguments.

Social Inequality in Comparative Perspective: State Policies and Institutions

Evaluate Epsing-Andersen’s three social policy regimes based on the three criteria that he provides.

Describe the gender employment and political outcomes of each of the social policy regimes.

What impacts does family policy have on employment? What are these factors dependent upon?

What type of health care system does the United States have?*

Compare and contrast the US health care system to the two other types of systems in the industrialized world. Provide specific benefits and costs of each system.

What challenges are all these systems facing that will shape the future of health care services?

Describe the three basic types of social assistance programs.

Compare and contrast welfare ideology and provisions before and after the 1970’s Welfare Crisis.

Which of the following social institutions is the most important for explaining racial inequality in the United States: the family, education, work and the economy, or the state and public policy? Support your answer with at least 3 examples from the lectures or reading.*

The Future of Social Inequality

Name four examples of how American society has made progress in combating systems of oppression.


Hey Amy, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to prepare up those questions and post it up for everyone. Good luck tomorrow.

Thanks much Amy! The review was very helpful.

this list of review questions is awesome. thanks so much for putting in the time!