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This semester I'm super excited to be taking DES1715 Food and Design. I love food and I love design, so the concept for this class instantly grabbed my attention, so I had to take it! The semester is just beginning and there has only been a couple of classes, but already my head is trying to explode with ideas of what to create!

Our first project is the Dish Innovation Challenge, to innovate with a familiar common food. Our options to choose from are either white rice, or orzo pasta. I instantly decided to go with the white rice. Being Asian, rice is a staple in my house hold, but now what do I do to innovate it?

White Rice.jpg

I'm thinking maybe a spin on rice pudding. Use coconut milk for sweetness and then some curry to add some spice and balance, so it isn't a traditional dessert. Is that innovative enough?

Maybe I could create a paste from the rice to create an alternative/innovate twist on how rice is served? Could I pipe the paste onto something else? Or maybe frost it over something, as a twist a Japanese rice ball desserts.

Good thing I like rice, because there is going to be a lot of thinking and experimentation that needs to be done.

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