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Last weekend, I went to United Noodles and the Farmers Market to see if I could get more inspiration with the ingredients that I would find. The Farmers Market carried more traditional produce, but there were some fruits there that I have never seen. Going to United Noodles I found all sorts of great ingredients I wanted to try. I picked up some jackfruit, lychees, coconut milk, and coconut cream. How I would combine them all together, I'm not sure, or if I'm even sure that I would use all the ingredients. I thought about my previous idea of using pineapples, and thought, what if I replaced pineapples with lychees instead. Or possibly stuff the lychees with the rice pudding. If all these fail, maybe I could make a jackfruit compote or sauce of some sort to drizzle on the rice pudding. I also found some durian that I thought I might try, but then decided against it because of the strong smell it emits. The trip was a success to generate more ideas, so now the next steps are to try to experiment with the ingredients and see how everything turns out.




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